Transparent resin 3d printing material

Models made out of transparent resin are constructed from a hardened liquid. The material is strong, hard, stiff, water resistant by nature, and of course, transparent. Transparent resin is suited for models needing a good, smooth, quality surface with a transparent look. Therefore, it’s ideal for demo models, accurate models and models with limited functionality. Freedom of design is limited because of the structure necessary to support your models during printing.

The color of the material is transparent, not 100% water clear, but somewhere between water clear and semi opaque. When your model is solid with a thickness greater than 2 cm, the printed part has a bluish shine. The model is painted with colorless varnish, but upon request other varnishes can be applied to make the model semi opaque (translucent) in the following colors:

  • Transparent
  • Transparent White: RAL 9003 / Signal White
  • Transparent Black: RAL 9005 / Jet Black
  • Transparent Blue: RAL 5005 / Signal Blue
  • Transparent Green: RAL 6029 / Mint Green
  • Transparent Yellow: RAL 1018 / Zinc Yellow
  • Transparent Gray: RAL 7030 / Stone Gray
  • Transparent Red: RAL 3000 / Flame Red
  • Transparent Orange: RAL 2011 / Deep Orange
  • Transparent Brown: RAL 8011 / Nut Brow
Max. size
2100 x 700 x 800 mm
  • (83 x 27.6 x 31.5 inch)

    Minimum details


    Min. wall thickness