3d printing paintable resin

3d printing paintable resin material properties

Paintable resin is suitable for visual models with limited functionality. The material has a medium mechanical resistance. Models made in this material have a smooth surface. It’s possible to get high quality finished models through extra finishing steps. Freedom of design is limited because of the structure necessary to support your models during printing. The material is white, but can be spray painted in any color, or airbrushed in multiple colors. This material can be used for presentation models and visual models with limited functionality, but with great surface quality.√ā¬†Stereolithography is used to build your design with this material. Starting from a 3D model, a model is built by cutting it into thin layers via specialized software. A support structure is created, where needed, in order to deal with overhangs and cavities. This machine then uses a computer controlled laser to draw the first layer onto the surface of a liquid polymer, which hardens where struck by the laser. The model is then lowered and the next layer is then drawn directly on top of the previous one. This is repeated until the model is finished. The supports are removed manually after the model is taken from the machine.