What will a custom figurine look like? See what you look like in 3d before you buy!

Use our contact form and under project type, select our free preview option to see yourself in 3d for free! We will send you a 3d render of your face! Order a custom figurine and get a free sample lithophane with your order! Use our photographing guide: Click Here for photographing instructions!

What is the design process for a custom project?

We have a one on one process with every client. Each project will receive numerous updates so you can see how your item will look before its 3d printed. If you order a custom ring, you will receive a prototype in plastic or silver depending on your budget and material. Custom gnomes, figurines and prototypes will have numerous updates that will allow you to change add and modify your design along the way. With our 3d printing service you will have total control to create your one of a kind customized and cutting edge 3d printed masterpiece.